March 2019 Budget Report

In March I had an aha moment. You see, it has been a goal of mine to one day send at least one half of our monthly income to debt. In March, I realized that we are in a position to do that during most months. Some months this may not be feasible as we have larger expenses such as car insurance and vacations. As you will see we didn’t quite make it but we are getting closer.

Tithes $883- We are thankful that we get to give each month.

Rent $1050- Our plan is to rent until we are debt free.

Duke Energy $59.92- We actively try to keep the thermostat at 66 during the day and 64 at night.

PNGas $97.51- Another month with a higher than normal bill. I’m really looking forward to the warmer Spring weather. 

Spectrum internet $14.99- We have the lowest package, but it works for us.

Total Wireless cell phone $26.31- This is for one phone. We have another phone provided by my husband’s employer.

Water & Sewer $83.44

B’s life insurance $44.23- We feel very strongly about having a good term life insurance policy.

Fee $1- Our credit union charges a monthly fee but uses the fee to fund scholarships in NC.

HP instant ink $10.66- I love skipping the store for ink. I would always forget until I would be completely out of ink.

Grocery $505.92- Food for our family of five. I try to keep our grocery budget around $500. I follow the dirty dozen list and try to mostly eat organic fruit and vegetables.

Vehicle gas $283.46- This is for one vehicle. Gas prices have increased here in NC. We also traveled to visit family this month.

Entertainment/Eating Out $174.41- I decided to combine these categories as they went hand in hand this month. We went to an ACC basketball tournament game and Chuck E. Cheese. As if that wasn’t enough fun, my husband and I went to a concert and out for dinner.

Blow $121.31- This is my husband’s fun money.

Household $286.40- We were able to do some things that we had been putting off this month. My husband loves watches. He had three of his watches repaired and batteries replaced in all of his watches. I purchased printer paper, dish detergent, lotion, water balloons, laundry detergent and polyfill for our couches.

Gifts $244.07- This includes a birthday gift for our youngest son as well as future gifts.

Charitable giving $19.74- This number looks different each month depending on where we decide to give. Some months we give supplies to a local charity and other times we make blessing bags for the homeless.

Debt $3286.09- This includes our regular payment of $577. Our payment has gone down from $675 because of the loan that we paid off!!! Our payoff balance is $68,977.26. I just love seeing this number decrease.

Total $7256.46- My husband earned $6887.41 (after taxes and health insurance). We received a gift of $50 and $250 from our state tax refund. I earned $65.05 from Ibotta and doing surveys.

Did you pay down on any debt in March? I would love to hear about it.

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