January 2019 Budget Report

January is symbolic of a clean slate, a new beginning. Many goals are made and broken during the month. This was no different for me. I never wrote down any goals but I did have a mental list. One of my goals was to eat out less. The cost for the five of us to eat out always leaves me feeling a little blue. When I don’t plan ahead that becomes our back up plan. At any rate, we’re not getting off this train! On to the numbers.

Tithes $840- We are thankful that we get to give each month.

Rent $1050- Our plan is to rent until we are debt free.

Duke Energy $53.38-  We actively try to keep our thermostat at 66 during the day and 64 at night.

PNGas $86.08- Lesson learned. We left the fireplace pilot light lit after a snow storm.

Spectrum Internet $14.99- We have the lowest package but it works great.

Total Wireless Cell Phone $26.31- This is for one cell phone. We have another cell phone provided by B’s employer.

Water & Sewer $62.34

B’s Life Insurance $41.43-  We feel very strongly about having a good term life insurance policy.

Trash pick up $44.04- This bill is paid quarterly.

Fee $1- Our credit union charges a monthly fee, but uses the fee to fund scholarships in NC.

HP Instant ink $10.66-  I love the freedom of printing without running out of ink.

Grocery $536.17- This includes food for 2 adults and 3 kids.

Vehicle Gas $181.89- This is for one car. So very happy with gas prices.

Eating Out $111.11- We ate out twice as a family.

Entertainment $8.61- B went to the movies. We went to Kaleideum for free thanks to our local library but paid $2 for the kids to try the hurricane simulator.

Blow $64.39- This is B’s lunch and sometimes dinner money when he works late.

Clothes $23.26- Shoes for our basketball player.

Healthcare $83.10- This includes a payment to the dentist for sealants for our oldest son. I also purchased some Elderberry gummies for the kids.

Household $9.26- I purchased a toilet brush and a small storage container.

Gifts $130.61-  This includes gifts that were given plus some for the future.

Charitable giving $37.25

Debt $3127.36- This includes the regular payment of $675. The payment was reduced since we paid off a loan!! Our payoff is now $81,502.44!!!!

Total $6543.24-B earned $6364.24 after taxes and healthcare. I earned $179 doing surveys.

Did you make any goals for the new year?

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