December 2018 Budget Report

December started with a bang! We had over 10 inches of snow to fall and it was stunning. The photo above is of our oldest playing in the backyard. We traveled to spend time with family and had a really great time. We wrapped up the year with snacks and the countdown at home. Each year it is becoming harder to stay up for the ball drop! Anyways here are our actual numbers for the month.

Tithes $840-We are so thankful that we get to give each month

Rent $1050- Our plan is to rent until we are debt free.

Duke Energy $60.73- We actively try to keep our temp at 66 during the day and 64 at night.

PNGas $37.29- Our water is heated by gas.

Spectrum Internet $14.99- We have the lowest package but it works great.

Total Wireless Cell Phone $26.31- This is for one cell phone. We have another cell phone provided by B’s employer.

Water & Sewer $74.90- Another month of water issues but we are still delighted to pay this bill.

B’s Life Insurance $41.43- We feel very strongly about having a good term life insurance policy.

Fee $1- Our credit union charges a monthly fee, but uses the fee to fund scholarships in NC.

HP Instant ink $10.66- I love the freedom of printing for homeschool and couponing without running out of ink.

Grocery $576.34- This includes food for 2 adults and 3 kids.

Gas $240.96- I am beyond thrilled that gas is dropping! We traveled during the holidays yet the gas prices were very reasonable.

Eating Out $63.58-  We picked up some food during our travels this month.

Blow $176.46- This is B’s lunch and sometimes dinner money when he works late.

Clothes $219.05- We were not winter prepared and so we had to go shopping. We got snow boots, winter gloves, jeans and some clothing for next summer.

Gifts $382.55-  This includes gifts for a birthday, to family and Christmas.

Charitable giving $294.15- Other giving.

Household $69.13-  We picked up a snow shovel, salt for the walkway, printer paper and a booster seat.

Debt $2995.76- This includes the monthly scheduled payment of $762. Our total payoff is now $84,073.77!! We are beyond excited to see these student loans dropping.

Total $7175.29- B earned $6494.01 after taxes and health insurance. He also received a reimbursement of $372.28 for his business related travel last month. I earned $109 from doing surveys on MyPoints and Swagbucks. We also received $200 as a gift.

So that was December. We ended the year looking ahead to the future. When we started our debt snowball years ago, 2020 was the goal year to be debt free. It’s hard to believe that we are so very close. Thank you for joining us on our journey. What are your goals for the new year?


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