November 2018 Budget Report





I simply cannot believe that November is already over! November was very demanding for our family. We were on the road a lot. We traveled to the east and then to the west of NC! That being said, we really enjoyed spending time with our family. We celebrated 8 years of marriage and a Thanksgiving family reunion! Here are the numbers for the month.


Tithes $859- We are so thankful that we get to give each month.

Rent $1050- Our plan is to rent until we are debt free.

Duke Energy $69.48- It started to cool down and I’m loving it! We actively try to keep our temp at 66 during the day and 64 at night.

PNGas $21.30- Our water is heated by gas.

Spectrum Internet $14.99- We have the lowest package but it works great.

Total Wireless Cell Phone $26.31- This is for one cell phone. We have another cell phone provided by B’s employer.

Water & Sewer $82.01- After having issues with the water pump and pipes, we are glad to pay this bill.

B’s Life Insurance $41.43- We feel very strongly about having a good term life insurance policy.

Fee $1- Our credit union charges a monthly fee, but uses the fee to fund scholarships in NC.

HP instant ink $10.66- I love the freedom of printing for homeschool and couponing without running out of ink.

Grocery $599.75- This includes food for 2 adults and 3 kids.

Gas $344.52- We traveled to Wilmington, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Raleigh, TarHeel and Asheville during the month.

Eating Out $192.09- We ate out too much during the month. Most of this was on the road but also included our Anniversary take out dinner at home.

Blow $133.23- This includes B’s lunch and sometimes dinner money when he works late.

Clothes $225.11- We purchased marked down costumes after Halloween, shoes for me, and some clothes for next spring for the kids.

Gifts $237.26- This includes gifts for Christmas, Anniversary and gifts to family.

Charitable giving $16.67- other giving.

Household $33.33- We purchased a towel bar and pillow protectors.

Gap Tax $5.97- Bill we received for our old car.

Vehicle tax & registration $80.73- Fees on our 2006 Nissan Pathfinder.

Car maintenance $714.99- After too many hours at 3 different shops, our check engine light is off. This includes a leak in the exhaust, o2 sensor issues, oil leak, oil change and the inspection.

Geico car insurance $230.58- We pay our car insurance twice a year. This payment is for one car. It is also includes roadside assistance.

Debt $2941.86- This also includes the monthly scheduled payment of $762. Our total payoff is now $87,069.53!!! 

Total $7932.27- B earned a total of $6502 after taxes, I earned a total of $232.35 for completing surveys and online studies, and we received $29.70 in a refund from our previous waste services provider. $1168.22 from car savings. Someone ran a light and hit B while he was driving our 2009 Nissan Versa at the end June. The car was totaled. Being a one car family is working out well. We have decided to put off getting another car until being a one car family does not work for us.

So this is the good, the bad and the ugly (I’m looking at you, eating out category).  Thank you so much for reading. How did November go for you?






  • Demario Campbell

    Thanks for this transparent view of your family’s budget. It really puts the idea of a working budget in perspective, and what it takes to achieve financial freedom. #inspired