September Part 2

Oh September, yes I remember. There were quite a few unexpected expenses during the month. Each month our budget does not look the same. I know by now that our budget will never be without blemishes.  It will always be a great foundation for our goals. Lets get into the numbers.

Tithes $437- We are thankful that we get to give.

PNGas $22.36- Our water is heated by gas.

Spectrum $14.99- We have the lowest internet package but it works great for us.

Water $89– This also includes sewer.

Grocery $174.70- This number is slightly lower because of our vacation. The extra spending is accounted for in travel.

Gas $162.41- In addition to our regular travels, the kids and I traveled 2.5 hours to visit my mom twice. B and our youngest son also took a day trip to Charlotte.

Travel $391.78- At the end of September we took a trip to Myrtle Beach. We purchased extra snacks for the beach. We also purchased some convenience foods so that we could enjoy the beach and pool longer! This total also includes gas to and from the beach.

Gifts $125.73- We celebrated a few birthdays this month.

Other giving $28.67

HP instant ink $5.33- I never have to worry about running out of ink ever again.  I can print 100 pages each month for this low price. Any unused pages roll over for the next month.

Clothes $113.15- The guys got new shoes for the fall. We shopped at Kohls and had enough Kohls cash to also get some sweat pants and a shirt for Baby Girl.

Eating Out $146.16- Our water heater sprang a leak and we were without water for a few days. We spent additional money eating out during this time. We also celebrated B’s birthday with dinner out.

Kindle membership $10.66- I started a free 30 day trial and then I forgot. I forgot about the trial ending until I had already been charged.  I cancelled the membership but can still use the services until the end of October.

Entertainment $71.20- B took the kids to Adventure Landing and then out to lunch. We also rented some movies from Redbox. We forgot to take them back the next day, so we charged for an extra night.

Household $47.26- We purchased a new antenna from Amazon.

Savings $95- We plan to save the gift cards earned for gas and Christmas shopping.

Debt $1500- We sent an additional payment to CFNC to pay off the student loans!!!! This entire amount went entirely to the principal. We called CFNC before we began sending extra payments to assure that all extra payments will be applied to the principal only.

Income Earned $3435.40- B’s check was $3250.40 after taxes and healthcare. B received $65 in gifts for his birthday. I received $25 in gifts. I made $45 in Amazon gift cards for a study that I completed. I plan to save this for Christmas gifts. I also made $50 in Walmart gift cards for completing surveys. I plan to use this for gas next month.

Did you experience any unexpected charges this month?



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