• A Little History

    In the fall of 2010 Bernard and I married and so began our debt journey. Of course we didn’t think about paying off our debt until we added more debt and more and more.

    Fast forward nine months later and our family of two became three. During those first three months, I had extreme morning sickness that required hospitalization. At this point we had student loan debt, medical bills, jewelry bills (wedding rings), Best Buy (TV purchased before marriage),  and credit card bills. We were beginning to feel overwhelmed. Almost every month we were using a credit card to pay for gas and groceries.

    Around this time I started to search for ways to fulfill this role of being a homemaker that saves money. I came across a blog called moneysavingmom.com. This blog has taught me how to freezer cook, the basics of budgeting, couponing and so much more. After following for a short while, I discovered a post about Dave Ramsey. This post has forever changed the way I view money. After learning about Dave Ramsey, I immediately went to the library to check out The Total Money Makeover. This book taught me how to budget, save for the future, the importance of insurance and so much more.

    Since starting the debt free journey we have paid off many debts all while dealing with real life situations. We have experienced unemployment, pay cuts, adding two more kids to our family, and two moves. This ride has not been the easiest but we are determined to see this through to the end.

    So lets talk numbers… We have paid off a car, purchased a car (cash), purchased and sold a home, my student loans, $20,000 personal loan, wedding rings, medical bills, credit cards, a refrigerator and a TV. To date we have paid off around $95,000.

    After all of that we are now at $94,567.29 left to pay off the remainder of B’s student loans. I plan to use this blog to help keep us accountable as we finish this goal.  I hope that you will join us on this journey too.